Our Story

Dave O’Toole, inventor and founder of Bella Lock, is a locksmith from Dublin, Ireland. Several years ago, his mother suffered a stroke and was left with motor difficulties that made it very challenging for her to do manual tasks, such as using her keys to open her apartment door.

After seeing his mother’s challenges, Dave took it upon himself to do everything he could to help improve her quality of life – and by extension the millions of people around the world who, like her, struggled with opening locks and doors to their home and office. He wanted to develop a technology to aid anyone who may struggle with fine motor skills such as people with Parkinson’s, spinal injuries, visual impairment, amputees, arthritis, or any other condition that may affect their ability to use a lock and key with ease.

Bella Lock was originally developed as a touch-to-open door lock requiring hand contact to unlock; however, as the world was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic Dave pivoted to an even brighter idea. The Bella Lock technology was redesigned to patent a unique, contactless door entry solution called ID Pulse Tech. In partnership with DESi, experts in the electronic security and smart lock industry, the Bella Hands-Free Smart Lock was born.

The Bella Smart Lock makes unlocking your door a breeze. A user with a tag in their pocket, purse, or around the body simply presents their hand or face to a wireless pad fitted beside the door. This close-proximity technology transmits a signal from the tag to receptors inside the lock and the lock will unlock automatically, hands-free, without fumbling for keys or codes.

ID Pulse Tech featured in the Bella Smart Lock not only can operate your smart lock but by integration with a 12V relay switch can securely operate many other electronic devices, such as an access control reader, door operator, security alarm system, elevator, or any other electronic device or equipment programmed into the system, hands-free with a tag in the pocket or by using a smartphone app.

The combination of the Bella Smart Lock and integrated 12V Relay Switch together can provide a safe, secure, convenient, and totally hands-free experience throughout your home or commercial space.