Handsfree Access for All

Unlock any door with a touch or wave of the hand, without the user needing to carry a phone.

Launching Spring 2022

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Hygenic touch-free access provides minimal to no surface contact compared to traditional locks. Prevent COVID-19 and other germs commonly spread by touch.


Simple yet effective solution to make a home suitable and accessible for someone with a disability, impairment, or fine motor skill difficulties.


No more fumbling for keys. By just touching or waving your hand or arm while carrying a Bella Tag, you are provided with easy, seamless, and secure access.

Works with Standalone Tag


Mobile App

How Does It Work

Bella Smart Locks make unlocking your door a breeze. A user with a Bella tag in their pocket, purse, or around the body simply presents their hand, face, or arm to a wireless pad fitted beside the door.

This close-proximity technology transmits a signal from the tag to receptors inside the lock, and the lock will unlock automatically, hands-free, without fumbling for keys or codes.

A World Of Infinite Opportunities

ID Pulse Tech featured in Bella Smart Locks not only can operate your smart lock, but by integration with a 12V relay switch, can securely operate many other electronic devices, such as an access control reader, door operator, security alarm system, elevator or any other electronic device or equipment programmed into the system, hands-free with a tag in the pocket or by using a smartphone app.

Modern Solutions

Bella Lock provides modern solutions to secure, contactless access and entry.

Household Installation
Keyless Entry
Use an app or key fob to gain entry
Smart Home
Unlock your home from anywhere
Replace Lost “Keys”
Securely replace or update access code in seconds
One Time Access Options
Create one-time access codes for friends, family, or vacation rentals
Commercial Installation
Commercially Leased Properties
Give access codes with expiry dates. Valid only for the dates and locations you select.
Office Space
Keep access logs of staff and entry records.
No key duplication required.
Avoid heavy maintenance or equipment repair costs.
Ease of use and granting access to new users.

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We will only send occasional emails with information, release updates, and offers on our smart locks and smart home systems.