Licensing and Sales Opportunities

Launching Soon

ID Pulse and Bella Lock technology can be applied to any manufacturers RF or BLE enabled security device. Integrations with OEM devices such as an access control readers, smart locks, electronic handles, padlocks, safes, or door operators provide easy to access touch-free solutions which are easy to integrate and can be programmed to individual firmware.

In Partnership

Supported by Enterprise Ireland and partnering with one of Ireland’s premier research institutes, Nimbus Research Center, we are proud to present Bella Smart Lock. This revolutionary smart lock product is easy to set up and use and will help improve the lives of people all around the globe.

Why Choose Us?

ID Pulse Technology and Bella Lock products will be available with three option packages:


Bella Lock pads, access tags, 12V switches, and locks are supplied on a shared code.


Bella Lock pads and tags only are supplied for third-party product integration using their own coding.


ID Pulse Technology is licensed for OEMs to manufacture their own pads, tags, and use their own design and coding.